Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MLB Draft Report - Day 2; Southern Pigskin Features


In Day 2 of the Major League Baseball Draft, LSU fared pretty well.  The following players and prospects were chosen on Tuesday:

C Micah Gibbs - 3rd round  (pictured)
OF  Leon Landry - 3rd round
INF Garin Cecchini - 4th round
P Kevin Gausmann - 6th round
P Austin Ross - 8th round
1B Blake Dean - 8th round
OF Lucas Leblanc - 11th round
SS Jacoby Jones - 19th round
OF Austin Southall - 19th round
P Ryan Eades - 19th round

I think we have three categories of players:  those that are definitely gone, those that are likely to stay, and those that are on the fence.

Here is what I think LSU is looking at:

P Anthony Ranaudo
2B Delino Deshields Jr.
P Cam Bedrosia
C Micah Gibbs
OF Leon Landry
P Austin Ross
INF Garin Cecchini

SS Jacoby Jones
P Ryan Eades

P Zach Lee
P Kevin Gausmann
OF Lucas Leblanc
OF Austin Southall

Late Tuesday night, some reported that Garin Cecchini had already signed a contract but I could not find anything official.  Regardless, I fully expect him to sign if he has not already.  

Normally, I would expect any first round pick to sign; however, both Zach Lee and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in unique situations.  Because of that,  I still give LSU a fighting chance to ultimately land Lee.  Meanwhile, Lee has arrived at LSU and enrolled in summer classes along with the rest of the incoming true freshmen.

Kevin Gausmann was selected in the sixth round.  That is very high, but it is significantly lower than most expected him to go.  Because Gausmann expected to go much higher, he has a higher dollar amount in his head as far as what it will take for him to sign.  Here is an article on Gausmann's thoughts on the draft and his future.  I give LSU a chance at landing him, though not a great one.

The best news of the draft was when shortstop Jacoby Jones fell all the way to the 19th round.  Jones was expected by most to be selected in the top 5 rounds.  It now seems that Jones will end up at LSU, and he's someone that can compete for playing time immediately, perhaps at third base.

Even though we'll be fully ramped up for football season, when the August 15th deadline for draft picks to sign comes and goes, I plan on doing a full look ahead to the 2011 baseball team.


I've got a couple of new pieces up on Southern Pigskin as Justin Davis and I continue to get together on ranking the top players in the SEC West.

Over the last few days, we have ranked the quarterbacks as well as the wide receivers.

LSU had a strong showing on the wide receiver list.  Go to Southern Pigskin and check out everything going on over there.  It's a great site to read up on everything going on in the SEC and ACC.


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