Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LB Kyle Prater transfers to Rice; Southern Pigskin thoughts expansion


Sophomore linebacker Kyle Prater has decided to transfer to Rice according to this article.  Prater was way down the depth chart for LSU, and it looked like he would be a career special teams player and reserve.  With LSU needing to get down to 85 scholarships by the fall and with the staff trying to make room for as many of the talented 2011 prospects as possible, this move makes sense for both parties.


I have not had time to put together all my thoughts on all of the expansion talk.  That may be best because by the time I get something written, things are likely to change.  With big announcements expected to come Friday concerning Nebraska and the Big-10, I may let the dust settle over the weekend before posting something.

However, I know you want to read about it right now.

Check out what my Southern Pigskin brothers have put together.

B.J. Bennett, one of the best writers around, gives his thoughts on expansion.

Also, Brandon Rink provides his insight on expansion as it relates to the SEC and ACC.


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