Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Help From My Friends

I do not have any real news to pass along today.  Instead, I'm going to solicit the help of my readers. 

I started the Saturday Night Slant just over one year ago, and I've seen the site grow faster than I could have imagined.  I've done that without any real campaign to spread the word, but the word just kind of spread.  The next thing I know, over 90 people are signed up to the e-mail service, the number of daily visitors has quadrupled, and I'm a national columnist for Southern Pigskin. 

But now...I want to spread it even more, and I need your help. 

The e-mail subscription service is one of the more popular ways to follow the Slant.  I realize that many of you forward the e-mails to others, and I fully support that.  However I'd like to ask you to encourage those that receive your forwards to sign up for the service themselves.   So by all means, forward THIS update to everyone imaginable.  

Why does that matter to me?  It lets me more easily quantify how many people are reading my stuff, and that information is necessary when I solicit potential sponsors. 

If you're signed up for the e-mail service, you may also want to follow the Slant via Facebook and Twitter.  While the e-mail updates are only once daily, the Facebook and Twitter pages are updated more frequently and you receive the information immediately.   You can hit the Facebook or Twitter icons on the right hand side of the screen or hit the About The Site link to learn more. 

If you're getting this update as a forward, I encourage you to go the site and check things out. 

As always, anyone is welcome to e-mail me at 

Lastly, I sincerely thank all of you, my readers, for the consistent support and encouragement. 


OK, I have a little bit to pass along.  Apparently, Mikie Mahtook has some kind of illness and won't play in either of the mid week games against Northwestern State.  He may not be ready for the weekend series against Ole Miss. 


In case you missed it, Georgia has dismissed redshirt freshman Zach Mettenberger from the football team for violation of team rules.  Mettenberger was competing with fellow redshirt freshman Aaron Murray for the starting job, and he really shined in the spring game.  The job now falls to Murray and veteran Logan Gray will be the backup. 


Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel has committed to Florida.  So scracth him off LSU's list.  Driskel is a very good fit for Urban Meyer's offense.


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