Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baseball Sweeps Opening Weekend; Football Notes


Despite some opening night jitters, the LSU Baseball team had a very impressive opening weekend.  The Tigers only managed four hits on Friday night but rapped out 10 hits on Sunday and a ridiculous 23 on Saturday.  In fact, LSU's 25 runs on Saturday was the most they have scored in a game since 1999.
The most impressive thing about the weekend is that LSU's starting pitchers gave up zero earned runs all weekend.  Joey Bourgeois was especially impressive on Sunday.  I know the opponent is not SEC caliber, but that's still a reason to get excited at this early point in the season.


LSU starts spring practice on Friday.  A couple of Tigers have changed jersey numbers. 

- Terrance Toliver will now wear #8
- Richard Murphy is now wearing #18, which was passe down to him from Richard Dickson
- New Tiger Ken Adams is wearing #94

Also as discussed in the tight-ends preview, Chase Clement is now listed as a tight-end on LSU's roster so he's apparently switched over from defensive end.


Anonymous said...

No news on basketball? Granted the only news is bad news but it's getting SO bad now that it can't be overlooked. What's your take on that whole situation? Even when we were under NCAA sanctions, we never went winless in conference play. That is inexcusable! Why is everybody giving Trent Johnson a pass this season?

Saturday Night Slant said...

Nothing on basketball yet, and I admit I've been putting it off. Trent Johnson had an opportunity to make the team competitive for 2009-2010 with some "quick fix" solutions via JUCO players, etc. That doesn't fit his long term plan for the program though. He wants to build the program with 4-year players....which means that we all knew this year would be rough. Building the program the way Johnson wants to will, in theory, prevent the ups and downs that we saw under John Brady.

But it's REAL bad this year, and it shouldn't be. I agree that it is inexcusable. He should be able to coach a few conference wins out of this group. He's currently getting a pass because of the success he had last year, but he still deserves some heat because he has lost this team. The team was more competitive early in the season but once they realized they weren't going to the post-season, they regressed. Lately (last two weeks), it seems that the effort has picked up some.

Next year will be very big for Johnson. They'll have to be competitive to show they're on the right track. He's bringing in good recruits but certainly no Brandon Bass / Big Baby / Tasmin / Stromile type of difference makers.

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