Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quick Coaching Update

It looks like Washington Redskins assistant Jerry Gray is going to be the new head coach at Memphis.  As reported earlier, LSU running backs coach Larry Porter was a finalist for that job.  However, LSU is not out of the woods yet.  It seems that Larry Porter is still a candidate to become the offensive coordinator at Memphis.   Porter is LSU's ace recruiter and his departure would greatly affect LSU's recruiting class. 


Rusty Shackleford said...

Porter's gone. Does this affect LSU's incoming class? Also, how about some thoughts on the Ark game. How does a 17-3 lead turn into a last second field goal to save the game and send it to OT? Finally, how about some bowl projections and predictions? It looks to be LSU vs. Penn State in Orlando. Fortunately for LSU, Les Miles has shown that with an extended period to prepare his team, he can put together a damn strong performance. I think LSU beats Penn State by double digits.

Rusty Shackleford said...

If I am going to be dependant on this site as a legitimate source for LSU news, I can't have you off playing "Old Man and the Sea" when there are recruiting violations, coaching turnovers, and all sorts of other happenings. I haven't heard which reciever the "alleged" violations concerned (I haven't really looked and I could probably find out for myself in the amount of time it is taking me to write this but...) because all of the reputatble news sources haven't / won't say who was involved. I figured the Slant wasn't above naming names.

Saturday Night Slant said...

I gather the player involved with McCarthy is actually not a WR, but rather a DT from California.

Nothing official...of course

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