Tuesday, November 10, 2009

LSU To Wear New Uniforms Against Arkansas

Nike is unveiling their new "Pro Combat" uniforms by having ten schools wear different uniforms for one of their rivalry games in a few weeks.  So far, only Virginia Tech and TCU have been officially announced as schools that will be trying the new uniforms.  Some schools are doing "throwback" jerseys while some are doing brand new designs.  However, I've learned that LSU will also be one of the teams that will wear an alternate uniform, and they will do so for their game against Arkansas. 

LSU will wear an all white uniform with purple numbers and a gold helmet; however, the gold will not be "LSU Gold" but rather a shiny gold.  The uniforms look very similar to that of the University of Washington.  Have a look...

Thus far, this is the only picture of the uniform that has surfaced on the web.  A picture of the gloves that LSU's players will wear has turned up.  Here they are...

I'm curious to see the helmets, and I suspect more pictures will surface before Nike officially announces them on November 23.   Some more detailed pictures of some of the other schools has surfaced.  Here they are:

Florida State

Ohio State


This site appears to have cracked some secret code on Nike's web site, and they've identified all ten of the teams with at least one picture for each.  If you don't feel like clicking, the ten teams are:

Virginia Tech
Florida State
Ohio State


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