Thursday, July 30, 2009

More On Ware; Tidbits


I can't help but be extremely excited about LSU landing running back prospect Spencer Ware all the way from Ohio. After watching his film again (posted in yesterday's update), I really think LSU got a very good one! While looking at his highlights, I kept having to remind myself that he is 220 pounds. He makes sharp, decisive cuts and the only runner that he reminds me of is Keiland Williams. He is a bit shiftier than Williams but doesn't quite have his top end speed.

Matt Barker, who runs Buckeye Banter, was nice enough to give me some scoop on Ware since he is familiar with the area from covering the Buckeyes. With Ohio State already having a big time running back commitment in Roderick Smith, it wasn't clear where Spencer Ware would fit into their plans. Ware is looking to play both baseball and football in college, which had him looking at schools successful in both sports. He was also looking outside of the Big-10, which isn't terribly strong in baseball. That makes sense seeing as how Ware's final two schools were LSU and North Carolina.

Regarding Ware's ability as a legitimate baseball prospect at the college level, Matt informed me that Ware plays for a very highly regarded amateur baseball team in the Midland Redskins. That team has produced Barry Larkin, Ken Griffey Jr, Zack Greinke, and LSU's Ryan Theriot as well as over 40 other players who have played in the Major Leagues. Austin Wood, the closer for the Texas Longhorns who got lit up (twice) by LSU in the finals, is also a product of the Midland program.

So while Paul Maineri is getting quarterback commitment Zach Lee to help out on the diamond, it certainly appears that Ware can be a significant contributor in both sports as well. Ware plays in the outfield.

I really thank Matt for his insight and willingness to help Saturday Night Slant readers learn a bit more about our new player from Ohio.


The team reports for fall camp next week, and we'll soon be hearing tidbits on who is looking good at practice, how the freshmen are doing, etc. But I've been hearing a little bit already, mostly involving freshman running back Mike Ford (pictured). While there is no way to verify this stuff, reports of 600 pound squats, 400 pound bench presses, and 37 inch vertical jumps have been rampant. He's supposedly one of the most physically impressive freshmen to show up at LSU in a long time and many now speculate that Ford will be difficult to keep off the field this season.


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