Monday, May 11, 2009

New Partnership

I'm pleased to announce my partnership with a new LSU website, Eye on The Tigers. is an ESPN affiliated site that will focus on LSU athletics and recruiting. A ton of LSU sites exist out there, but I really think Eye on The Tigers will stick as one of the best. ESPN covers college football and recruiting pretty in depth. They have real talent scouts doing evaluations for their recruiting, and many of their lists have proven to be more accurate than that of Rivals or Scout over the years. They also do pretty extensive write-ups on each prospect. However most of their coverage has been buried several clicks into the main page where nobody sees it.

Recently, ESPN has decided to reach out to each school with a website to try and expand on that coverage. Similar to how Scout and Rivals have a site for each school, ESPN is now doing the same for their college sports coverage. A site is only as good as its info, and I'm confident Eye On The Tigers will have some of the best info around, especially with the backing of ESPN. I'm looking forward to being a contributor and doing my best to help it grow into one of the best LSU sites around.

So I highly encourage all of you to consider signing up and subscribing. The site just went live on Monday, and my first contribution can be seen here. They're running some specials now for new subscribers that you should absolutely take advantage of. The site won't just be for news and opinions. It will also have forums where all the subscribers can interact, chats, and a place for you to write your own blogs. Before long, I really think it will be the biggest and best LSU site out there. If you decide that you don't want to subscribe, they will offer a decent amount of content for free, so you should still make it one of your daily stops for LSU info.

What about the Saturday Night Slant? Nothing is changing here. I'll still be here at my blog doing the same thing I've been doing for years. I'll just also be doing some writing for Eye On The Tigers and helping to grow that site as well. I'm looking forward to the new opportunity at Eye On The Tigers, and hope you make the decision to give it a try.


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