Friday, April 3, 2009

Back Online!

After being distributed through e-mail only for the last several years, I'm taking my newsletter back online. I used to have a website some time ago but abandoned it because the maintenance was too time consuming. Well, these "blog" sites today make it very easy to manage a newsletter such as mine, so I've decided to give it a shot.

You can check it out here

It's not much, but it does offer a few things. First, you get a pretty snazzy animated header that I'm a little proud of. Second, all of my previous postings are archived along the right hand side so you can reference things I've written in the past. This could be good (or bad for me) to pull out some pre-season predictions I made after the season. I've already loaded up the site with my last 8 newsletters. This site also offers anyone the ability to comment on any of the newsletters. Often, people wanted to reply to my mass e-mails, but then others on my mailing list weren't crazy about being part of a discussion like that. So, this offers a forum to do some commenting and have some discussion. In fact, I've put this announcement on there, and I'd love to get some feedback, good or bad, on what you think. It can be a trial run of sorts for commenting. You just click on "comments" at the bottom of any post. Please do so if you have a minute.

Lastly, I know that many of you forward my newsletters to friends and family. While I encourage that and don't have a problem with it, it makes it hard for me to know exactly how many people read my stuff. The website has a feature where I can see how many people visit it each day, so I may be able to get a better handle on the size of my audience. The website is of course free. But one of these days, I may have the ability to make some cash doing this and going back online is the first step.

I even have my first sponsor in Check them out if you haven't seen them before. If you're interested in throwing up your business as a sponsor, let me know. Trust me, It's really cheap right now (i.e. free). But if I start realizing that my site is getting a lot of traffic, I may even have the ability to sell some other sponsorships.

I'm still going to e-mail each newsletter so if you're not interested in going to the site, you don't have to. In the future, I may consider just e-mailing a link to any new postings and having everyone read the newsletters there. If you have a preference, let me know and I'm glad to do whatever the masses prefer.

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Kris Brauner


Anonymous said...


Excellent to see that you are back on-line. Being down in Brazil makes it very hard to get any type of news on American Football, let alone College ball. I greatly enjoy reading your articles when they come in. It is definatley one of the highlights of my day!

Keep up the good work and Geaux Tigers!

Eric Englehardt

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