Sunday, March 1, 2009

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A great place to get the latest scoop on LSU Sports and Recruiting. 

Don't have time or desire to sift through websites and message boards to get the latest scoop? Don't worry. I do that anyway. So all you need to do is read my updates, which are free. I post updates about 10 times per month, or about twice per week on average. Hopefully, you'll even entertain me with some feedback from time to time.

In order to become a subscriber, just click the link on the right-hand side of the page titled "Subscribe to Saturday Night Slant by E-mail" and follow the simple directions. The site will send you a confirmation e-mail (be sure to check your junk mail for it if you don't get it).  You just have to click the link in that confirmation e-mail and you'll be all set.  You'll then be updated each time a new post is made with an e-mail.

Here are some other ways to keep up with Saturday Night Slant:


I started a Facebook Page called "Saturday Night Slant."  Find it and "Become a Fan"  Anytime that a new post is made, you'll be notified of it through your Facebook feed.  You can then just click the link and read the update.  If you're someone that checks Facebook often, it's a great way to keep up with Saturday Night Slant.  The e-mail updates are sent out once daily whereas the Facebook feed will update in real time. 

Twitter Text Updates

The framework of Twitter allows me a pretty easy way to offer a cool feature. Saturday Night Slant is set up and ready to go on Twitter. Twitter has an option to link your account to your mobile device and you can receive updates through text messages. Therefore, anytime something significant happens, I can update any followers with a text message through Twitter. You'll instantly know of any breaking news, LSU Commitments, etc.  This is the best way to follow the Slant if you want to receive news and updates immediately. 

Follow Saturday Night Slant on Twitter @snslant. 

If you're interested but not on Twitter, you can sign up for a free account at Once you're signed up, go to and click "Follow". Then, turn on the link to your mobile device. You should be all set to get Saturday Night Slant updates through texts.

And always always feel free to e-mail me regarding anything at

Home Page Feed

On the site, just below the box where you enter your e-mail address is another feature, titled "Add SNS To Your Home Page". For any of you that use an iGoogle or My Yahoo home page (or something similar), you can add the Saturday Night Slant as a feature on your home page. Just click the drop down box titled "Posts" and select what service you use. It will then add Saturday Night Slant as a feature on your home page. It's a pretty cool feature if you use any of these personalized home pages.


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